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June+July: Berlin

August+Sept: NYC



Eckhaus Latta x Camper SS17  

art direction Eric Wrenn Office

styling Avena Gallagher

casting Rachel Chandler/Midland






EVERYTHING NOT SAVED WILL BE LOST styled by paul sinclaire 

At Large vol. 8 




NOVEMBRE Issue 11 styled by Cruz Valdez 






Iron Curtain for 299 792 458 m/s

styled + photographed by Kulisek/Lieske







Adidas x Pharrell NMD Human Race 

Art Direction Lloyd&Co









Prada SS17 The Travel Almanac 

styled + photographed by Kulisek / Lieske






Edited & Art Directed by Kulisek/Lieske

Covers 1-3 [Buck Ellison, Torbjørn Rødland, Kulisek/Lieske]















Sophie Andes Gascon AW16        styled by Matt Holmes





















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